Aureus is proud to announce our sponsorship partnership with charity; Baby Give Back.

Due to the recent devastating floods, Baby Give Back has launched its service to all flood-affected regions without the need for a caseworker so that families can directly request the support they need during this time of crisis. Baby Give Back volunteers are working on the ground in northern NSW to help families with children request the items they require as they recover from these devastating events. Since the start of March, Baby Give Back has been able to provide 603 flood-affected children with the essentials they deserve. With the assistance of local businesses, Baby Give Back will be able to continue their support to the local community with their mission to ensure every child has a safe and equal start to life.

Baby Give Back is the leading charity of its kind in Queensland and Northern NSW that provides judgement-free support to thousands of babies, children and their caregivers each year by working with caseworkers and social workers to deliver essential child and baby items to vulnerable families. Baby Give Back collects, sorts and safety checks donated essential items from the community including clothing, nappies, feeding support, cots, prams and car seats & toiletries. Baby Give Back are then able to provide customised orders for each family to suit their needs and circumstances. For more details go to